Where’s the Integrity?

Where’s the Integrity?

I am mad as hell right now.

My team experienced a forfeit loss last week. Why? because we weren’t able to field a full five player roster for our team. Now under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t be as upset. It’s not the other team’s responsibility to ensure that both teams have a full and active roster.

What bothers me is that the other team didn’t even try. Using the on site messaging system, I repeatedly explained to them that we wouldn’t be able to make the default match times. Not once did I receive a response. That’s a lot of bullshit though. On Alienware Arena, whenever a person proposes a new match time or if there is a new message left on the boards, the players receive an email message notifying them of this.

So what ended up happening was that on the day of the match, their team leaders told my players that “Oops, didn’t see this message. If you can’t field five, we’ll take the forfeit win.”

That is cowardice.

What bothers me is that they didn’t even try to schedule or make accommodations to match our difficulties that week. If on the off chance that your team isn’t able to play on any of the other 6 days or any of the other hours in the week, I can reluctantly understand. Let’s be honest though, telling me that a team of gamers can’t find another day or time to play has more stink of bullshit to it than Walmat’s home and garden section.

The other team ended up playing dumb and taking the forfeit win.

What did Alienware say?

They essentially told me “tough shit”.

While I understand your frustration, and I share your belief that teams should try to work out times. They however do not need to agree to a new time, or even try to reschedule. Many teams sign up with the intention of just playing on Thursday night at 8pm as is on the schedule. If your team cannot make it for that time you should turn off automatic matches for that week so you don’t get stuck with a forfeit loss in a situation like this.


I personally don’t agree with that entire sentiment. You joined a league to play. Over an 8 week long period, it’s expected that a team might have to reschedule times once or twice throughout that period. I feel that teams should be obligated to at least try and work things out.

One solution

The automatic matches system is great. The system pairs you up against other teams with the same (or similar) record as yours. So all 2-0 teams are matched against each other, all 1-1 teams and so on and so forth.

If it were up to me, I would adjust the point system to disincentivize forfeit wins. The ideal league would have a point system like this:

Win: 3 points
Forfeit win: 2 points
Tie: 1 win per team
Loss: 0 points

Teams that have played their games and have won would emerge with the most points. Teams with forfeit wins will still get 2 points out of the ordeal but playing for the extra point will encourage them to at least try to accommodate and pick a time that’s suitable for both teams. You can go for the guaranteed 2 points or you can play for the extra point. It might not matter in the short run, but in the long run that extra point might affect the team’s standings in playoffs.

Anyway, I’ve been giving this whole situation a lot of thought. I’m a little demoralized right now and it’s left a really bitter taste.

I’ve had enough of ladders. I miss the old Cyberathlete Amateur League during my CS 1.6 days. I’d like to see something like that for League of Legends. No more of this ladder stuff. I’ll have a full blog post worked out with many of the details soon.

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