Warding for the Push

Warding for the Push

Consider the following scenario. You’re in the top lane and you blew up the top tower. The middle and bottom towers are still active but your teammates aren’t able to get a clear advantage in their lanes. You can easily beat back the champion in your lane (as evidenced by the fact you were able to take down his tower). Generally when you get a tower down, you have two options:

  1. Keep pushing the same lane
  2. Fall back and assist your teammates with their lanes


Both are situational calls but if you decide to play risky and apply pressure, this can cause several things to happen. First, you are now a bigger threat meaning that they may have to peel a champion off their other lanes to fend you off. If they do that, this frees up the other lanes for your teammates to continue their lane push. Alternatively, if they decide to leave you alone, you are in an excellent position to take down another tower and get closer to their inhibitor.

We’ll use the top lane as an example for the blue side.

As you’re rushing in with your creep wave, keep a close eye on the mini map. If you don’t see any of the enemy champions at all, always assume they’re coming after you. If you have vision on them, drop wards at positions 1 and 2. If you don’t; have enough, drop it at position 1. This will provide sufficient warning enough for you to get away if they decide to shift their attention to you instead.

Always have an escape plan in mind. If they come from 1, drop back the way you came immediately. If they come directly behind you or from position 2, you can cut through the crossroads at 1 and head towards the middle. If the champion in middle is smart, they will immediately shift over to help assist and cover your retreat.

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