Put Darius on the Ban List

Put Darius on the Ban List

After playing several games alongside and against Darius, I’ve witnessed first hand how devastating he can be. In the awesome ELO bracket of 1000 – 1200, it might be best to outright ban him for now. He’s been around for about a week and I’ve yet to see a top plane player last long enough against him in a ranked game.

And if top lane fails in their ability to win (or at least, keep the lane neutral), the game is eventually going to go against that team.

In the games where I’ve jungled as Udyr, the threat of Darius in the field is enough to alter my game plan to the point where I’ve had to build tankier and try to shut him down instead of going after the carries. He feels so insanely strong if left unchecked. The problem is if I go for Darius, it leaves my carries open and so forth. It’s a delicate process in keeping Darius in check and bear stunning other carries on the field. I fully expect to die first. I figure if I can give my carries 5 or so seconds, then I’ll have done my job.

Normally, I’ll build straight into a Trinity Force and switch to win hard mode. But I can’t use that build with Darius on the field. I end up switching to an Aegis of the Legion, Warmog’s, and possibly a Thornmail or a Force of Nature before finishing with a Atma’s.

Darius is just plain scary.

During laning phases, I have to pay more attention to the top lane. Won’t be able to supply ganks to the bottom lane or middle lane as much.

It’s gotten to the point where I’ll just outright ban him so that it’s not worth the headache.

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