Essentials: Smart casting

Essentials: Smart casting

Smart casting (or Self Casting, depending on the ability) is a crucial skillset to master in League of Legends. Smart casting an ability means that you are automatically using an ability where your cursor is. If you smart cast Morgana’s Dark Binding, she will immediately fire her snare in the direction of your mouse cursor. Self casting Janna’s Eye of the Storm immediately places the shield around her without having to target a friendly champion.

How do I do this?

Hold down the shift key and press the corresponding skill (Q, W, E, R) to activate the smart casted skill shot without requiring you to aim it. If you plan on mastering the AP carry, you’ll need to rely heavily on smart casting.

What about self casting?

Hold down alt and press the corresponding skill to activate the self cast ability. Note that it only works with friendly or beneficial skills. You cannot self cast Lux’s Lucent Singularity on top of yourself. When I play Morgana, I like to hover my fingers over ctrl and E so I can self cast a shield the moment I see an ability fly towards me.

Does CTRL do anything?

If your champion has gained a level, holding down control and the skill will automatically level up that ability. Be careful and make sure you hit the correct key. There have been times where I mistakenly leveled the wrong skill which cost me possible ganks!

What does Smartcast ranged indicator mean?

If you open the menu while in the gaming environment and click on More Settings, you’ll find a check box that says Smartcast Range Indicators. The next time you activate smart cast, the range indicator will appear while the key is pressed (It acts like pressing a Q and showing the range indicator but doesn’t shoot the spell when you let your finger off the key). When you let go of the key, the spell will fire. Play with it on as you’re learning a new champion. Eventually, you’ll want to get to the point where you don’t need to use the indicator on it anymore. You’ll be so familiar with the champion to the point where you instinctively know what their range is.


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