Dominion: How to Use Promote

Dominion: How to Use Promote

I admit, the first time I started using Promote, I had no idea what I was really doing with it. I would just hit it every time I was in a lane with a big creep near me. I’d get frustrated watching it just get murdered as we’d get closer to enemy nodes. It wasn’t really doing much. It took a beating from enemy champions before it simply fell over. Other times, it felt pointless to use it since I was about to capture the point anyway.

Slowly, it began to dawn on me that I was doing it wrong.



The advantage of using promote is that by buffing one of your minions, it allows you to peel off. It’s like an extra half-sized champion. The opposing team needs to respond to it or else they risk losing a point. While they’re reacting to the minion and the rest of it’s friends assaulting a node, this allows you to sneak away and attempt to capture another point thereby splitting their champions. If you’re down 3-2, then it’s enough to swing the node score in the other direction giving you the advantage. For example, 3 champions assaulting the Windmill, 2 champions on the Refinery and with your promoted minion making a push for the Boneyard. Your team should be able to succeed and capture one of the points.

Remember to time it so that all 3 points are being pressured simultaneously. Attacking points one at a time leaves it open for the other team to rush and speed boost their way around as necessary.

I’m not sure how one would use Promote defensively (or if that’s even possible). Promote seems to be more of an offensive summoner skill more than anything else.

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