Bottom Lane: Support and AD Duo

Bottom Lane: Support and AD Duo

Playing alongside a support character as an AD Carry in a duo lane is one of the greatest feelings ever. Why?

  • You can take additional risks because the support player is there to help back you up.
  • If you screw up, they can bail you out.
  • Additional sustain power in the lane because the AD doesn’t need to go back to the fountain as much.

However, depending on the support champion you’re playing with, setting up for kills might be difficult. Some champions may not have any stuns or snares to use. Either way, this allows the AD champion to continually harass opposing champions in between farming the various minion waves. Hammering champions means that eventually they’ll need to drop back to their fountain or risk death. If they do go back, it allows you to free farm minions and take shots on the tower unhindered.

Introducing Ashe and Taric

One of my favourite pairings is Ashe and Taric.

Why Ashe?

Ashe has an excellent presence with her Hawk Shot. She can use it to scout for any attempted ganks or to spot for position by enemy champions. Her ultimate allows her to initiate and set up for any engagements. Her W is excellent for harassment as needed.

Why Taric?

His Dazzle ability is a ranged stun that works well in helping Ashe set up for kills. Imbue helps with any needed healing for both players. Just being around Taric allows his aura to buff any nearby champions as well.


Once Taric gets a stun off, I’ll immediately shift to his focus target and start applying DPS. More often than not, this results in a kill especially if I’ve been able to sufficiently continue harassing them throughout the lane. Playing Ashe, here’s how I set up for the kill.

Auto attack –> W –> Auto attack –> R

I don’t have to worry too much about the target escaping since Taric’s stun will always hit the target. Relying on Ashe’s passive as the first opener results in an enormous amount of damage. Follow it up with her W ability, another auto attack and then an R for another second or two of stuns. Between the two of us, the target should be dead or at extremely low health. Even if we don’t get the kill, we get a lane advantage forcing the wounded champion back to base and giving us free reign on the tower, the minions or the other champion.

Anyway, this is just one of the possible lane pairings you can use. Other combinations include Caitlyn/Soraka and Vayne/Alistar (Alistar’s Headbutt combined with Vayne’s Condemn near terrain is amazing).

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